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In March 2009, Eric Lardie got his insurance license and joined NAA®. What was intended to be a side-line business to earn some extra income to provide for his family quickly surpassed his full-time income.
“15 years in EMS and I was ready for a change,” Lardie said. “I was working midnights as a paramedic on the streets of Detroit, my wife was working days. I only saw my wife and young son in passing. I didn’t want my son growing up not really knowing who his dad was, but I also wanted to make sure I could actually provide for them. In addition, city budget cuts and managements constantly kept eliminating positions. This meant less people, longer hours, more work and the streets weren’t getting any safer. The final straw was the way I was treated when severely injured on the job in June. Fortunately, I now had options; The Alliance became my lifeline.”
Like many Americans, Lardie, a Michigan native, had been raised with the mindset to get a good education, get a good job with benefits that you can retire from in 30 years and you are all set. The Alliance has helped Lardie to see that in today’s world that is no longer is good enough.
Through the training and mentorship provided Lardie has been able to start a business that pays him based on his efforts and not someone else’s pay scale. He has been able to free his wife, Sheryl from her job and they have much more time together as a family.
Throughout his previous career Lardie saw tragedies and personally saw the financial devastation it caused on a daily basis. The Alliance provides him the opportunity to be able to help these families, regardless of their income or stature, to get the protection they deserve. The Alliance is enabling the Lardies to establish the lifestyle for their son that he deserves. They are working to continue bettering themselves and to be able to share with many others the amazing opportunity this company can provide.

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